The volume of traffic around Vandergriff is extremly heavy.  Our first priority is always for student safety.

  The following rules are for the safety of everyone.

  • Our pick-up areas are CELL FREE ZONES. 
  • Pull up to the most leading Paw Print to load/unload. 
  • Car riders will not be dismissed until just after 3:00. Picking students up before the dismissal time disrupts class instruction time. Please wait for dismissal rather than checking out your child through the office.
  • Pick up is designated by grade level. See below.
  • Please DO NOT pass other cars in line.
  • Highway 45 entrance is ONE WAY only.  
  • Exiting vehicles must exit to Township.
  • Use issued Rear View Mirror Student Name Identifier throughout the year.  Staff depends on seeing this to expediate pick up.

NO CELL PHONES: For the safety of our students, please do not use your cell phone in our parking lot. 

ARRIVAL: For arrival, parents may use east OR west delivery areas. All cars must exit to Township Street. Drop-off and pick-up students in the designated PAW PRINT area ONLY! It is extremely dangerous for students to be let out of cars in other areas.  Please pull up to the most forward visible paw print before allowing your child out of your vehicle.  Exit is to Township only.

PICK_UP:  Kindergarten - 2nd grade car riders should be picked up using the EAST driveway.  3rd - 5th AND ALL STUDENTS WHO RIDE IN THE SAME CAR WITH 3-5 STUDENTS will be picked up on the WEST driveway. Please pull up to the most forward visible paw print before allowing your children into your vehicle. Again, all traffic MUST exit to TOWNSHIP! 

DO NOT park your car in the afternoon and walk through traffic to get your child from the waiting area. This is dangerous, slows traffic, and also suggests to our children that it is okay to break the rules.

MORNINGS: We open the doors as soon as the first bus arrives. Students arriving before 7:45 wait in the cafeteria.  Arriving early can avoid the 7:45-8:00 heavy traffic.

Thank you.