Fayetteville High School

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Welcome to my homepage. My name is Mike Thomas I teach Drama I and Oral Communications which is a fancy word for Public Speaking. I am an actor myself and I often work with Theatre Groups in the area. We all have Drama in our lives. 

 In Drama I, we read short comedic and dramatic scenes designed for the stage. We also write and create our own scenes and monologues for acting purposes. This class is based on participation. The best way to learn about Drama and Theatre is to do it. We laugh a lot in here, Drama is fun. Drama I gives an introduction to all elements of live theatre. We study some Theatre History, we compare film and TV acting to stage acting. We play with improvisation, pantomime and other theatre games.

  This class helps build self confidence and speaking skills. Students need to feel comfortable speaking in front of their peers and Drama I takes you on this way.  Drama teaches self-awareness. Each person should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.  In this evolving, ever changing world students must be prepared to effectively communicate whether it be selling a new idea to your employer or speaking to a group of employees. Drama is about human nature and how we act in different situations, it teaches compassion and empathy for others, you must respect the characters that you portray. You don't know someone until you walk in their shoes and this class we walk in other's shoes.

I have been a co-director of the Northwest Arkansas Writing Project and I work with several teachers during the summer to hone our own personal writing skills because the best teachers of writing are teachers who write. The philosophy is "Teachers should write with their students to better understand the process a writer goes through to create a piece of writing." 

  I recently wrote a play called "Digging Up Arkansas" which is now touring the state with 3 professional actors telling the story of the birth of our state through music and storytelling.  The play will visit school districts all over the state. Go to the Walton Arts Center website and go to school programs to learn more about "Digging Up Arkansas" 

Drama 1 Final 8 short essay questions and a performance of your own creation.  Act a monologue, sing a song, do a magic act, perform a dance, play an instrument, A 2-3 minute performance.

In Drama 1 we compared fim and stage acting, we analyzed a monologue, we studied a brief history of comedy in film over the decades. We  We read a full length play called "Wait Until Dark"  We acted out scenes from plays.

In Drama 2 we picked up Medieval Theatre in the second semester. We read and acted out "Everyman" a Medieval morality play. we studied Anton Checkov and Tennessee Williams and their plays.  We rehearsed a play called "This Is A Test" and performed it for other students.  We played several improvisation games and we had a guest artist teach us about stage combat

DRAMA 2 Final  10 short essay and a 2-3 minute performance of your choice

In Oral Communications we learned the communication process. We gave several speeches on a variety of topics. We looked at barriers in speech and what keeps us from hearing. We debated topics and learned the terminology of debate. We studied and participated in group dynamics. We looked at the attributes of a good speaker and how to give a speech that people will listen to.

Oral Comm Final  50 multiple choice questions and a written out Debate Form with 2 resolved propositions.